Bright Star Training & Development are a specialist training provider dedicated to delivering a multitude of courses, including IT, marketing, business administration, accounting, and health and social care. Established in England in July 2010, Bright Star has always strived to ensure that learners unlock the full extent of their capabilities, and from this, are able to successfully secure employment beneficial to the field they’re entering and to themselves.


Bright Star is recognized for our exceptional track record for full-time, part-time and professional competence qualifications in a range of levels to reflect on different learner’s abilities, allowing them progress through a range of stimulating but valuable practical tasks. Our courses are designed to enable our learners to progress into further education or search for available job opportunities, with full-time support from us.

Learners plan a developmental program and are evaluated by their assessor, while they also collect evidence to submit into their portfolio, detailing their knowledge and performance over the space of their course.


Another one of our services includes offering accredited online courses to erase the restrictions students feel when it comes to studying, in particular when travelling becomes a large hindrance, as we believe physical presence isn’t always an indication of dedication towards learning.


Alternatively, we also offer the opportunity to upskill existing employees, as we support a large network of businesses, public institutions, and international and local organizations looking to help their employees to enhance their skillset and flourish in their workplace.

Our team is more than happy to visit your facilities and conduct a free training-needs analysis so that together, we can create a high-quality training plan. We also provide specially designed training for businesses and institutions across a variety of different sectors, and our trainers have significant experience in customer excellence, mandatory training, team leading, and more.


Bright Star’s vision is to be able to increase youth employment by providing with the skills they need to enhance or develop, as well as the experience of a workplace and how to then apply these skills too. Ultimately, Bright Star wants to empower youth through a number of different ways, including our courses, our entrepreneurship advice and guidance, and our youth empowerment programs. We want to help encourage students to expand their minds on their career, and to also think about running their own businesses. We want to help as many youths as possible to sculpt their future, and ensure that it will be a bright one. We want to help create the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders, knowing that they have the tools and techniques they need to take on the world and change it for the better.


Bright Star aims to provide highly-informative, proactive and practical, courses, which can be studied full-time or part-time, online or at the Bright Star college, which teaches multiple worthwhile skills, while we also have professional courses available too. The focus remains on helping increase the percentage of youth employability, although we also highly encourage and teach entrepreneurship as another career path. We provide courses for a number of different fields, making such that learners can choose to study for their chosen career or follow their interests, with support to find a good job afterwards. Our ability to upskill existing employees from the wealth of businesses, organizations and institutions we cater to is another opportunity for us to help expand and enhance the skills that employees have or need to ensure that their presence is truly felt at their workplace, and that their abilities not only valuable, but help to grow the business they work for.


About Us


We want to provide fulfilling part-time, full-time and professional courses which can encourage learners to continue to further education, find employment, or start their own business.

We also want to help empower youth in countries that are more economically unfortunate and provide them with the skills they need to know to be able to do the same.

We want to provide all students with the experience of a workplace and how they can apply their newly learnt skills in this environment.

Another of our objectives is to enable employees from the organizations and businesses we work with to upskill, meaning they can obtain more training and more knowledge on how to improve their abilities and use this in their work.

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