QCF Diploma Level 2 in Health and Social Care

QCF Diploma Level 2 in Health and Social Care

Level 2 in Health and Social Care is designed to reflect the work of candidates who deliver Health and Social Care to clients. This award is about direct care, where the focus is hands-on care, (doing things for clients) enablement care, and development and maintenance of the clients independence (supporting and enabling clients to do things for themselves). Candidates will usually be delivering care in support of and under the direction of a colleague who is accountable in the area of practice. The candidate would be expected to seek support, advice and assistance if they are unclear about what to do or if unusual or untoward situations arise (for example, deterioration in the clients´┐Ż condition).

What is the course cost?

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How long does the course last?

4-6 months maximum

Further Progression

It can also be considered for entry into nursing.